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Debian Packaging Workshop


The FOSSNSS of NSS College of Engineering is planned to conduct a Debian packaging workshop starting from 23rd March 2020 through Matrix Chat rooms.

Mr.Praveen Arimbrathodiyil who is a long term Debian developer and free software advocate will be leading the workshop.

Debian is an operating system and one of the most popular distributions of Free Software. Through this workshop, attendees will learn to package software sources for Debian based package managers.


More details can be obtained from FOSSNSS Matrix Room
Time: From 20th March till the syllabus is covered


Over the span of couple of days, the following syllabus will be covered.

  • Introduction to Debian
  • Introduction to Packaging
  • Understanding Debian Release cycle
  • Understanding various packaging tools
  • Basic concepts of Web, Javascript and NodeJs
  • Creating a simple Debian package from simple node_modules
  • Understanding files in Debian directory
  • Writing good descriptions
  • Git overview
  • Unpackaged software to a Debian package
  • Connecting with community
  • Familiarizing some big and complex packages